In the Fortescue DIG THIS Cloudbreak Newsletter,
Issue 14, November 2011, page 8
Shire of Augusta-Margaret River
“I have had the pleasure of selling the Sure Kleen Products range since 2003. The product range has been widely accepted by our customers throughout NSW for their dependability, ease of use, cost effectiveness and most importantly because they WORK as intended. Customers are also happy that the products are environmentally responsible and safe to use.”
– Ric Barber, NSW
“I have been selling and using Sure Kleen Products since 2003 with great success and I am pleased to say that my first customers from that year still use our products. What impresses them is that the products are environmentally friendly. Whilst all the products across the range do what they are formulated to do the stand out product for me is FUEL KLEEN. Fuel Kleen customers have come back to me with many stories of how good this product is.

A Council had water contamination in their underground unleaded fuel tank and their vehicles after filling up would not get to the gates of the depot without breaking down. Fuel Kleen was introduced to the tank and whilst it took a few more weeks to get on top of the problem the water has been eliminated and hence no more breakdown's. They now have been using Fuel Kleen for 5 years.

Another Council was haver their underground diesel tank pumped out four times a year to clear water contamination. We added fuel Kleen to the tank in 2003 and there has never been the need for pump outs since then.

A bus company Proprietor who has been using this product since 2003 claims he has the cleanest fuel going, emissions have been drastically reduced and a fuel saving of around 4% has been recorded.

There are also many single vehicle owners and boat owners singing the praises of this porduct. Easier starting, better fuel consumption, smoother running, less emissions etc are some of the comments that I get from satisfied customers.

Of course a big plus with Fuel Kleen is that it is non-toxic non-flammable and contains no hydrocarbons.

I sell Sure Kleen Products to a wide variety of customers and will continue to do so as the products lead to so much repeat business. Surething marketing is one very happy Distributor."
– John Bradley
"BK Farming Supplies have been buying off Sure Kleen products environmentally safe cleaning products for the past 7 years. The safe nature of these products has given me the edge with sales. Another important fact is all the product range are very concentrated and therefore very economical. The company is very efficient in sending stock out, because it doesn't matter if I am working in South Australia or Victoria the stock will arrive on time and complete. I would like to congratulate the company and look forward to a long and successful relationship."
– Bill Edwards