Surekleen Fuel Kleen Fuel Conditioner

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- Fuel conditioner that works on all types of fuel
- Cleans the entire fuel system
- Extending the life of the engine components

Fuel Kleen is a revolutionary new multi function fuel conditioner that works on all types of fuel. Fuel Kleen removes water from fuel, thereby removing the growing environment for Diesel Bug. It cleans the entire fuel system, lubricates all seals and valves, reducing wear and extending the life of the engine components. The surfactant action of the product improves the atomisation of the fuel in the combustion chamber, giving a slower, smoother burn and better thermal efficiency.
Last year Surekleen Products bought the Intellectual Property for the fuel treatment known as Fuel Set from Dr Roger Franklin, the inventor of the product. Dr Franklin continues to look at improvements to the products performance and has been of great assistance in overseas markets.
A statement from Dr Franklin can be downloaded here as a PDF: Dr Franklin: Inventor of Fuel Kleen


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